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Underdog Steve D`Agostino

wins second place (i.e. a 3-way tie for 4.0 points) in 2017 World Open G/10 championship, beating several opponents who were rated over 500 points higher!!!!

Steve D`Agostino, who was rated at only 1329 at the time, went to the 2017 World Open and played in the U1900 Section of the G/10 Tournament, a 5-round Swiss in two sections, Open and U1900. Steve played against much higher rated opponents, and he ended up beating 4 out of 5 of them (some rated as much as 550 points higher)!
  • Steve won his first game, which he played as white against Kenneth Moody, who was rated at 1826.
  • Steve`s second game was his only loss and the only game he did not win, which was played as black against Charles Hua, who was rated at 1832.
  • Steve won his third game, which he played as white against Thomas Lowery, who was rated at 1679.
  • Steve won his fourth game, which he played as black against Joshua Wong, who was rated at 1841.
  • And Steve also won his fifth and final game, which he played as white against Peter Pritchett, who was rated at 1874.
Only one player, Theodore Bogin, rated at 1877, has a better score with 4.5 points. Steve D`Agostino, rated at 1329, came in second place with a score of 4.0 points, as did Augusto Guiterrez rated at 1873 and Ryan Leong rated at 1670. Click here to see for yourself:

If the above link does not work, please click here to see the TRCC archived copy of that web page:
Underdog Steve D`Agostino

You can also check this out in the TRCC newsletter archive

* Also, note that the ratings of tournament players are usually intentionally kept low (i.e. sand bagging). Thus the ratings of tournament players are usually lower than what they really are (i.e compared to the casual in-person club player), while conversely the ratings of online players (the majority of whom usually cheat with chess engines) are usually higher than what the players really should be rated at (i.e compared to the casual in-person club players).

Underdog Steve D`Agostino
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