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In Remembrance of Saul Wanetick - 1975 N.J. Chess Champion

(Born September 9th 1921, died August 24th 2021)

The Toms River Chess Club is sad to report the passing of former New Jersey Chess Champion Saul Wanetick, a long-time Toms River resident and frequent participant at local chess events, such as Fridays at the Manchester library as well as the weekly G/10 (informal, unrated) round-robin chess tournaments at the Leisure Village West clubhouse on Saturday afternoons.
At these local chess events, Saul had regularly played against TRCC members such as Ray Brown, Jim Carter, Dylan Clark, Steven D`Agostino, Ed Knowles, Frank Mirarchi, and Pete Pietras.

TRCC members Steve D`Agostino, Evan Segui and Gene Salomon had last seen Saul on Oct 31, 2020, where Saul played an impromptu chess game against our own Life Master Eugene Salomon (a.k.a. Gene Salomon), in which the 99-year-old Saul defeated the then-92-year-old Eugene.
This game can be seen here: https://tomsriverchessclub.com/TRCC/viewGameOTW.php?gID=7
As it would turn out, sadly Saul would pass away less than 10 months later, and only 2 weeks and 2 days before what would have been his 100th birthday (i.e. Saul was born on Sep 9, 1921 and died Aug 24, 2021).

Editorial by Steve D`Agostino

I was concerned when nobody had seen or heard from Saul in a while, not even on Fridays at the Manchester library which he used to go to regularly. However, my Google searches for "Saul Wanetick obituary" did not reveal any matches. But when Saul did not respond to my subsequent emails (i.e. I was contacted on this website by someone who was trying to get in touch with Saul), and then I was disheartened when I called his landline phone number (which was listed in my old phone book) and I heard the distinctive 3-tone beep, and then hearing the phone company`s decades-old recording saying that "the number you are calling is not in service ...", I grew more concerned about the possibility of his passing. On Oct 15, 2022 I tried searching again on Google using different search terms, at which time I then found these 2 matches:

So it wasn`t until Oct 15, 2022 did I then learn of his passing over 1 year earlier. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/232179577/saul-wanetick
I am deeply saddened by the loss of Saul Wanetick. Although he was a man of few words, I always enjoyed my games against Saul. In fact, I think that a big factor of why I had done so well in the 2017 World Open G/10 event was because of my regular games against Saul (and other strong players) at our weekly G/10 round-robin tournaments at Leisure Village West.

Steven D`Agostino, Saul Wanetck, and Sam Micovic.
This picture was taken in February of 2019 outside the Roman Orthodox church for the funeral of 92-year-old Walter Romanofsky. All four (Steve, Saul, Sam and Walter) were regulars at the weekly G/10 chess tournaments at Leisure Village West.

Underdog Steve D`Agostino
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