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Current Newsletter, for 03 - 07 Oct 2022

Issue #Date RangeDate AuthoredAuthorAttachments
2022, #4003 - 07 Oct 2022Oct 12, 2022Nick Carlson1
Hello Chess Players,


Here was the member meeting attendance at the 10-6-22 club meeting:

Jim Carter, Matt Logan, Joe O`Brien, Matt Greenhall, Rexford Cristal, Nicholas Carlson, Steve D'Agostino, Bob Lynch, Frank Colabella, Giovanni Fevola, Stan Lachick, Dylan Clark, Bob Whiteside, Michael Purpuro, Ronald Gialanella, Dinkar Pujara, Mike Symczak, Jeffery Marcus, Sam Foster (19).

We had 1 new member Evan Doran. Welcome to the club! :)

We had 2 guests: James Faust and Adam Siwik

Club Updates:


On November 10th the TRCC will be holding its first Grandmaster simul since 2019! The grandmaster is the current New Jersey State Champion, Mackenzie Molner! Molner was also the grandmaster who came to the club in 2019! There were originally 25 boards available but we are already down to only 19 spots left.

Entry into our 2022 simul is $22 dollars per member.

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to play. The remaining spaces are open to members only until the October 20th meeting and the members-only period can be extended by the executive board if necessary. After the Member only period ends, non-members will be able to purchase tickets at a slightly higher price (TBD).
The event will start at 6:30 and end by 8:50 P.M. sharp and will take place at our regular meeting location. All participants will be playing black and have 40 minutes on their clocks. Mackenzie Molner will have 1 hour and 20 minutes on his clock.

Good luck to all the participants!

2022 TRCC Holiday Party Information

This year the annual TRCC Holiday Party will be held on Thursday, December 15th, 2022. As usual, we are asking for donations for the holiday party's auction from the membership.

If you have any unused or old boards, sets, clocks, pieces, chess books, or anything else chess-related the TRCC is asking for you to donate these items for the end of the year annual holiday auction.

Thank you to Bob Lynch and Christian Discenza for your donations! ;)

See everyone tomorrow!!

Nick Carlson
Newsletter Attachments
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pdf248_TRCC 2022 Newsletter Issue 40.pdf

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